Melissa in Atlanta #7 – Honors Ceremony and Ashville

An dieser Stelle berichtet Melissa regelmäßig über ihre Erfahrungen als Teilnehmende des Parlamentarischen Patenschaftsprogramms des Deutschen Bundestages.

Bild: Melissa Baber

this is my February update and my first time writing in English.

February was quite calm. I had school for the whole month. At the beginning, we started our daily tennis practice. That means that we practice tennis every day except on Fridays and the weekend. Unfortunately, this month was one of the rainiest from the past. My host parents say this is really unusual. Because of the rain, our practice got canceled a few times. We only have outside courts in our school so that we have to have good weather in order to play.

In school, we had also a senior theater play. That is a play were a lot of seniors wrote or directed the play. I went there with a friend.
Every semester we have a special ceremony called “Honors Ceremony” in this everyone in school who made just As or As and Bs (which is 80 % and above) got a certificate. Last semester I had just As and one B so I got invited to this ceremony, too! It was really cool because they call you up to the stage and the principal congratulates you. It was one of my highlights of the month!

The last weekend of February my host mom and I went on a spontaneous road trip during the weekend. We drove up to North Carolina to Ashville. We left on Friday right after school, so that we had more time on Saturday. On the drive we stopped at Taco Bell which is a fast food restaurant for mainly Mexican food like Tacos or Burritos. My Dad in Germany always talked about it so I had to try them here at least once (and I can say it was pretty good there). On Saturday we went to Biltmore House and the whole property around. The Biltmore House is famous because of the series called “Downton Abby”. Because of that, there was a “Downtown Abby Museum” where we went first. After that, we went to a little village where we had lunch and saw a couple of the actual clothing of Downtown Abby costumes. In the afternoon we had a Biltmore House tour and I can say this house looks like a castle! It was really big with a lot of amazing rooms in it!
On Sunday we went downtown Ashville. Ashville has a lot of little stores and small markets. It is a really nice city.

On February 29th we had a really special event here in Atlanta. Atlanta hosted the Trials for the Olympic Marathon Runners. I went there with the whole family and we cheered for the runners. It was finally great weather so a lot of people came to watch these trials. So I can say I saw the Olympic runners for the USA!

In March I have a lot of things going on, I will go to California and my tennis matches start.

Greetings from Atlanta,